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A light-hearted physics adventure game.

Catrophy Trail is a physics-based multiplayer adventure game where you embark on expeditions with your friends to solve quests, gather valuable loot, and collect resources for your hometown.


The Trail Awaits!

Embark on a journey across the Catrophy Trail with nothing but a wagon and your wits. Navigate the trail and fit as many valuables into your wagon as you can. Be wary of the obstacles and challenges blocking your way!


Using intuitive and physics-based controls, maneuvering throughout the environment is a challenging but rewarding experience. Your cat-like character is fully physically-simulated, so every push, pull, and shove is dynamic and full of charm.



Alone or with the help of friends, the trail's playful puzzles can be solved in various ways. Remember to stay prepared and keep a well-stocked wagon. You'll never know what you might need!


On your journey through Catrophy Trail, it's only natural that you'll encounter plenty of distractions and shenanigans along the way. After all, there are no rules or time limits, so feel free to let loose and go wild.



If you want to play solo, that's fine, but Catrophy Trail really shines when played with a group of 2 to 4 friends. In fact, the game supports parties of up to 8 players, so grab a few of your closest buddies and hit the trail together for a thrilling adventure!

Beautifully Crafted Environments!

Catrophy Trail is set in an open and expansive world of lush and imaginative environments. With a strong emphasis on nature and a hand-painted aesthetic, the world is built with a soft, pastel color palette and a sense of majesty and wonder.


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